Anyone in their right mind would know the answer to your question

Anyone in their right mind would know the answer to your question

This is why you have companies that offer title research and land registration services. You hire them to trace the origins of the title of the property you are thinking about buying, to make sure it’s legit.

But again, this subject is outside the scope of the above article and it’s worthy of another blog post itself.

Thanks and GOD BLESS!

Very well thought of. On the other hand, I do believe the subject or the question that I have been posting was not out of the scope but rather making a clarificatory statement or sharing information based on what are visible through little and real deep digging. Anyhow, as you mentioned “anyone in their right mind would know the right answer to your (my) question” then, so be it.

Just dont pay unless verified by 2 agencies. Don’t waste your time checking this yourself, bad idea. I wonder if it is really 30 seconds for them to check and authenticate this.

If you only took a minute to actually read the article, you would have found out that it is about the things you can immediately check to find out if a title is fake.

If you know these things and you checked a title and the title does not pass your immediate check, you wouldn’t be wasting any more time going to RD and/or LRA to verify it.Continue reading